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GFSI Conference 2019: Emerging Challenges & The Future of Food Safety 

We are opening our call for proposals for the GFSI Conference 2019 under the theme of Emerging Challenges & The Future of Food Safety.

We are looking for innovative ideas and disruptive concepts to bring to the table in 2019. These can take various forms, from inspiring storytelling to concrete case studies, and from shared learnings based on recent events to out-of-the-box ideas that challenge the status quo. 

The GFSI Conference committee will select proposals to build a programme which reflects diversity in both content and geography.The deadline for all submissions is Friday, 25th May EOD.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the agenda of the next GFSI Conference!

Topics of Interest

As part of the global agenda we would like to receive proposals under the above theme and spanning a variety of topics.

PeterFreedmanGFSI2018Emerging Trends, Innovations and Challenges

  • changing consumer trends, novel foods, consumer innovation, communicating with customers
  • blockchain, whole genome sequencing, digital tools, IoT & Cloud, e-commerce and social media
  • increasing concerns about intentional and unintentional adulteration, environmental contamination and cross-contamination risks, antimicrobial resistance, pathogens, allergen management etc.
  • new evidence and perceptions - technological breakthroughs and food testing, lowering detection limits, nanoscale, etc.
  • transparency and traceability
  • food fraud and food defense, the retail perspective, cybersecurity

Processing of the Future

  • perspectives challenging the classic approach to food safety and HACCP
  • oxygen-free, human-free (robotics), contact-free (encapsulated suits), bug-free (aseptic), dust-free (electronic-like environments), oil-free (green NRJ and plastics)
  • primary production with hydroponic production, vertical growing
  • auditing & auditor competency

Capability Building and Food Safety Culture

  • food safety in emerging markets
  • GFSI’s Global Markets Programme
  • food safety culture, stories of success and overcoming challenges, change management in organisational behaviour
  • improved food safety facilitating international trade

Collaboration for the Future of Food Safety

  • GFSI tools, implementation strategies and case studies
  • risk assessment and management, packaging risk management
  • public-private partnerships
  • government regulatory perspectives
  • academic perspectives



How to Submit a Winning Proposal

The conference programme is comprised of plenary and breakout sessions. Please take into account the following details when preparing your proposal:

Plenary Sessions

  • Speakers and topics should remain high level and strategic. 
  • Topics should not be country specific but address issues relevant to various parts of the world.
  • Ideally, sessions should combine different sectors/topics (collaboration between retailers and manufacturers).
Breakout Sessions
  • Please propose 1 speaker to talk as part of a breakout - these sessions involve speakers from different organisations - we are therefore unable to accept proposals with multiple speakers from the same organisation.
  • Sessions should address specific topics, providing a more practical and technical case study or research and development angle.
*Breakout session proposals will not be accepted for Special Sessions.

Other Guidelines
  • Presentations should not be commercial in nature.
  • Speakers will be selected to reflect the diversity of the audience in terms of sector, type of organization and geographical representation.
  • The programme committee will not be subject to any type of external pressure or influence (any such conduct will lead to the automatic rejection of your proposal).

Selection Process
The selection process will take into account – but will not be limited to – the following criteria: 
  • Consistency and completeness of the proposal
  • Relevance to the conference theme & topics and/or to current food safety concerns
  • Representativeness of the global food supply chain
  • Non-redundancy and variety among the selected proposals 
  • Extent of collaboration between sectors/topics
If your proposal is successful, you will receive notification via email by no later than Friday 10th September 2018. This will signal the end of a competitive process through which many other potentially deserving proposals will have been turned away due to space limitations on the programme. If you have not heard from us before this date, your proposal has unfortunately not been selected.

Thank you for your contribution to the programme of the next GFSI Conference!