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What is it?

  • The industry’s annual rendez-vous for the advancement of food safety and consumer trust worldwide.
  • Participants share knowledge, strengthen their networks and showcase their learnings.
  • Delegates are challenged through thought-provoking talks from a wide variety of speakers - renowned experts and academics, CEOs, public authorities, industry leaders, innovators and grassroots players.
  • Audiences gain insight into the latest advances in the science, technology and collaborative tools being leveraged for food safety around the world.

Why Attend? 

  • Learn from others. 
  • Operations come to learn how others are managing food safety in different parts of the world - or in other parts of the supply chain.
  • Develop your career.
    Companies register their high-potentials to help them grow in their roles, while expanding their business network.
  • Realise you’re not alone.
    Delegates often cite the valuable exchanges they had with others facing the same challenges as they are.
  • Gain visibility for your brand.
    After all, no one works in isolation and this might just be the place to show companies who are serious about food safety why your solution can help them get there.
  • Reward yourself and your team.
    So you’ve put in place a world-class food safety system, measured results and grown your business. It’s only natural that now you’d like to tell the world about it.
  • Gain recognition for your work.
    Join global and local thought leaders by telling an inspirational story on the GFSC stage.

Who Attends?

Now in its 17th edition, the Global Food Safety Conference consistently brings together over 1,000 delegates from over 60 countries.

In fact, 1,200 food safety professionals joined the 2016 edition in Houston, Texas- from across the supply chain and around the world. More than 60 speakers took the stage across the various plenary and breakout sessions, while 45 exhibitors showcased their solutions.

Participants represent:

  • CEOs, Executive and Managing Directors
  • Retailers, Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Food Safety, Technical & Quality Directors
  • Accreditation/Certification/Inspection Bodies
  • Corporate Affairs & PR Directors and Managers
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Directors and Managers
  • Government Food Safety Officials
  • Food Safety Service Providers
  • IGOs, Consumer Associations, International Organisations
  • Academia
  • Media

What to Expect  

  • The 2018 edition will take a stronger implementation approach. From practical nuggets to concrete tools and actionable take-aways that delegates can take home and implement in their operations.
  • Fresh insights on changing consumer demands, new science and technology, shifting food trends and how the industry can stay up to speed.
  • Science and technical topics on the programme in a bigger way, but always from an implementation perspective.
  • A lively, balanced, innovative and inspirational programme. Sometimes fun and sometimes serious.
  • A comprehensive delegate experience. The whole week.

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