stage 2016Thank you for your interest in shaping the agenda of our next conference!

The GFSC 2018 theme is: The Global Food Safety Initiative, Safe Food for Consumers Everywhere.

After the success of our conference in Houston, we are this year looking for innovative ideas and concepts to bring to the table in 2018. These can include: inspiring and emotional storytelling, interactive workshops, out-of-the-box ideas that challenge the status quo, innovative ways to interact with the audience, current and relevant learnings and take-aways in food safety around the world - and remember, don’t be tied to slides!

Areas of interest include:

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  • Real company case studies of GFSI strategies in action
  • The future of food safety - emerging trends & innovations (novel foods, eating trends, blockchain, whole genome sequencing, digital tools, IoT & Cloud, e-commerce)
  • Food safety culture/quality culture (success stories & how to overcome challenges)
  • Packaging risk management in retail operations
  • Food fraud/food defense (retail perspective) & cybersecurity
  • Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Global Markets programme
  • Government authority perspectives
  • Auditor competency
  • Risk Assessment (case studies)
  • Communicating with consumers (social media etc.)
  • Transparency/Traceability
  • Allergen management (case studies)
  • Technical & academic perspectives


The GFSC programme committee will select proposals to build a programme which reflects diversity in both content and geography. The deadline for all submissions is May 31st EOBD. The committee will review all proposals received before this date, in total independence.

Please send your proposal (in Word format) to the following email address: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Please provide the information below, in the order listed.

1.       Session type: plenary/breakout
2.       Title: of your proposed presentation
3.       Abstract: summarizing the content of your presentation (150 words max.)
4.       Additional comments or full description of presentation (500 words max.)
5.       Speaker details: full name, position, company, location, phone number, email address, speaking language, short bio & company description, alternative contact if not speaker
6.       Sector: retailer, manufacturer, service provider, government, academia, NGO, certification body, accreditation body, other - please specify
7.       What is the added value of your presentation and in what way do you think it could offer something different? (150 words max.)


The conference programme is comprised of plenary and breakout sessions. Please take into account the following details when preparing your proposal:

Plenary Sessions

  • Speakers/topics should remain high level and strategic. 
  • Topics should not be country specific but address issues relevant to various parts of the world.
  • Ideally, sessions should combine different sectors/topics (collaboration between retailers & manufacturers).

Breakout Sessions

  • Sessions should address specific topics, providing a more practical/technical or Research & Development angle.

*Breakout session proposals will not be accepted for special sessions

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Other Points for Consideration 

  • Presentations should not be commercial in nature.
  • Speakers will be selected to reflect the diversity of the audience in terms of sector, type of organization and geographical representation.
  • Speakers are advised to make room for small and medium enterprises, in addition to multinational companies.
  • The programme committee will not be subject to any type of external pressure or influence (any such conduct will lead to the automatic rejection of your proposal).

Selection Process

The selection process will take into account – but will not be limited to – the following criteria: 

  • Consistency and completeness of the proposal
  • Relevance to the conference theme & topics and/or to current food safety concerns
  • Representativeness of the global food supply chain
  • Non-redundancy and variety among the selected proposals 
  • Extent of collaboration between sectors/topics

If your proposal is successful, you will receive notification via email by no later than August 31st 2017. This will signal the end of a competitive process through which many other potentially deserving proposals will have been turned away due to space limitations on the programme. If you have not heard from us before this date, this signifies that your proposal has unfortunately not been selected.

For your reference, please follow this link to view an example of a successful abstract.